Knit Fabric at Kitui Road – Nairobi

Monthly capacity:
100% cotton – Circular Knit (different quality) – 200 MT

100% Polyester – Circular / Warp Knit – 100 MT

Woven Fabric at Pate Road, Nanyuki Road & Sasio Road – Nairobi

Product Range:
Shirting, Towels, Suiting, Uniform Fabric, Dress Material, Kikois, Curtain Fabric – Sewing thread.

Monthly capacity:
1,100,000 meters Bedsheets – Canvas & Industrial Fabrics American & Domoria

Cotton Spinning at Lunga Lunga Road -Nairobi

Monthly Capacity:
Ring Frame – 250 MT, Open End – 50 MT

Knitted Garments at Kitui Road Nairobi

Monthly capacity: 300,000 units

Printing and Embroidery Facilities

All in house: 100 heads embroidery & printing.

Knit Garments Product Range

  1. T-Shirts
  2. Sweat Shirts
  3. Cotton Fleece
  4. Jogging Suits
  5. Sleepwear
  6. Sports Wear
  7. P.K. Polo Shirts
  8. Children Wear
  9. Fishing Nets
  10. Mosquito Nets

Woven Fabric Product and Quality Range

The company has been manufacturing different types of yarns and fabrics for the last 60 years with continuous expansion, and modernization.

The Spinning Mill has 25,000 Ring Spindles, and open-end Rotors with Reiter Blow Room lines, Cards Ring frame and twisters.
Weaving Division is equipped Benninger Warping Machines and 155 double width Sulzer Weaving Machines producing approximately 40,000 meters of fabric every day.

The process house is equipped with Bruckner Stenters and high temperature jet dyeing machines. For quality controls, all fabrics is inspected at grey stage as well as after finishing.

Trust, Quality, Excellence.